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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Non-Elites- your Content Collection is ready

The Call of Duty Content Collection #1 drop of new maps and Spec Op missions has been made available for the masses.

Called the "largest content collection in Call of Duty History", the first scheduled supply of newness for Modern Warfare 3 players is indeed a doozy that supplies both multiplayer and new 'Spec Op' missions. Those will give players a little something more to do than shoot each other.

Hailed as "exhilarating" and a "standout" upon their debut days ago to Call of Duty® Elite Premium members, the new Special Ops Missions "Black Ice" and "Negotiator" are now poised for play for all Call of Duty® fans on Xbox LIVE® everywhere as they lead the biggest and deepest content offering in Call of Duty history with today's release of the Modern Warfare® 3 Collection Content #1. The content rich collection features the two new epic Special Ops missions and four new, adrenaline-fueled multiplayer maps, including "Black Box," already heralded in the media as "ingenious" and "awesome."
And just in case you've forgotten what's in the pack, here's a friendly reminder:
Content Collection #1 sets the bar for variety, value and fan-service in the FPS DLC marketplace, featuring six fully-fledged Call of Duty experiences. The full loadout includes: Black Ice: This Special Ops mission plunges combatants deep into a frozen diamond mine via snowmobile in order to infiltrate a secret weapons plant and initiate the self-destruct sequence to take the facility offline for good.Negotiator: India is the backdrop for a Special Ops hostage extraction, where gamers must execute flawless breach-and-clears and negotiate a maze of surface streets to ensure the safety of rescued civilians.Liberation: Players take up positions in a militarized Central Park in the heart of NYC, a sprawling deathscape ripe for long-range sniper and LMG kills.Piazza: An idyllic seaside village, an Italian getaway gone rogue, where blind corners and a complex warren of branching pathways pose danger at every turn.Overwatch: A compact, sky-high battle arena set in a construction site atop a New York City office tower.Black Box: Players seek tactical advantage in multi-level hillside homes overlooking a downed Air Force One, as a luxe SoCal neighborhood turns into a warzone. 
And, as if this momentous occasion needed more fanfare, Activision is holding a special celebrity deathmatch (anybody remember that show?) of sorts. Ahmad Bradshaw of the world champion NY Giants (Go Blue!!) will take on big loser Rob Gronkowski of the (again, big loser) New England Patriots for "ultimate bragging rights". They'll captain teams and go head to head in an off the field NFL battle for supremacy.

Ultimate bragging rights, huh? I guess winning the Superbowl was no big thing?

Non-Elites- your Content Collection is ready
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