Wednesday, March 28, 2012

MonkeyPaw Games has kick started the most awesome Kickstarter yet

In the wake of Double Fine Studio's insanely successful Kickstarter project, many developers and publishers, indie and large alike, have seen the $$$ signs.

MonkeyPaw has got the best project yet underway, though, and we really, really hope they're successful at this one. They want to bring Class of Heroes 2 to the US for the PSP console. For those who aren't aware, Class of Heroes is an Acquire property, and is a bit of a light-hearted take on the Wizardry formula.

They're looking to raise $500,000 through the project, which will cover the localisation and publishing costs. Naturally there are all kinds of rewards associated with it, should people pledge money and the project is successful.

The opening statement to the project states "The life of a J-RPG fan is not an easy one these days." We couldn't agree more, so please donate here:

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