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Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Am Alive... and on the Xbox update

The MUCH delayed and somewhat maligned I Am Alive makes it's appearance on Xbox Live this week, along with DLC for some marquee titles.
From Ashes, the first DLC for the recently released Mass Effect 3 is up, as is another car pack for Forza 4 - the Pirelli pack. Also worth a look for this update is C&C: Red Alert 3 in Games on Demand and links fans might be interested in the demo for Tiger Woods 13.

Though I Am Alive is scoring a respectable 72 on Metacritic at the moment, there are quite a few reviews floating around pointing out a general feel of what might have been. Apparently the game has some glaring technical issues that simply should have been corrected before release. Too bad, though I should mention that there have been a number of games that, while technically not great, have been niche hits thanks to some great ideas.

I haven't played Alive, but the post-cataclysm setting and generally realistic feel do make it seem very interesting. Maybe try before you buy?

  • I Am Alive - 1200mspts -- Most of humanity is dead and gone a year a great cataclysm. The world is a dark and unforgiving place and your only job is to survive.
  •  Mass Effect 3 From Ashes - 800mspts -- Recruit a Prothean squad member with this DLC that you already have if you bought the Collector's Edition of ME3
  • Forza Motorsport 4 March Pirelli Car Pack - 560mspts -- What's a 'Pirelli Car'?
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I Am Alive... and on the Xbox update
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