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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Blades of Time demo drops onto XBL/PSN

One of Konami's newest offerings, third person hack and slash Blades of Time now has a time-bending demo available on Xbox Live and the PSN.

Though it hasn't exactly been welcomed with open arms by critics or players, BoT nonetheless has an interesting premise. Time manipulation mixed in with pirates? Yeah, that's unique, and probably worth a look at the very least.

The demo (which is free of course, so no skin off your nose) actually gives you a good taste of what the full on retail game has to offer. You can screw around with the flow of the timestream and even crank out some clones of lead character Ayumi.
The demo gives players the chance to experience firsthand the fast-paced action of Blades of Time for themselves. Gamers will get to feel the thrill of rewinding time and creating multiple clones of Ayumi to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. They will also be able to wield the power of her magic abilities, decimating enemies using fire and ice attacks, as well as fly through environments using a unique dash ability.

Blades of Time is available right now on the PSN and you can add it onto your DL queue on Xbox Live by heading right over here.
Blades of Time demo drops onto XBL/PSN
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