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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sanctum 66% off on Steam today

One of the top selling Indie titles of 2011, Sanctum is celebrating the release of it's multilanguage localization by dropping it's price tag a whopping 66% on Steam today.

“We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Sanctum can reach a wider audience with added language support. We hope that this update, which obviously is free, will allow people an opportunity to play with their friends and competitors around the world more easily,” says Anton Westbergh, CEO and Producer of Sanctum.
With the local language editions; Sanctum now is fully fluent in the tongues of Russian, Japanese, German, French, and "more". The game has gotten a pretty nice response since it launched last year and, to it's credit, developer Coffee Stain Studios has supported the heck out of it with updates and add-on aplenty.

If you're interested in giving Sanctum a shot at a waaaaaay lower price point, you can find the game (again, on Steam) right here. You best hurry though. This is called a 'daily deal' for a reason.
Sanctum 66% off on Steam today
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