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Friday, February 17, 2012

It's a House Party at Xbox Live's place

Finally, the Xbox Live House Party kicks off this week with the release of the demented platformer/human blaster, Warp. There's also some very nice Arkham City sales and a little demo for something called Mass Effect 3.

That's probably the one that most folks are going to jump on this week as ME has tons of fans that are just dying for the chance to step back into the rich universe that BioWare has crafted. But don't let the demo for one of the biggest games of 2012 overshadow the excellent looking Warp.

A mix of stealth and all out action, Warp allows you to mix up your play styles. As a diminutive alien who's been held captive by some evil humans, it's up to you to blast or sneak your way out of the top secret facility where you're being detained.

Also worth noting, if you skipped any of it, is that the Batman: Arkham City dlc has gone on sale. Both bundle packs (Nightwing and Robin) as well as some Avatar stuff is on the chopping block for pretty good discounts.

  • Warp - 800mspts -- Blast nasty Terrans and escape lockdown in the first House Party game of the promo.
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It's a House Party at Xbox Live's place
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