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Monday, September 26, 2011

Trailer: Mercury Hg coming to PSN and XBLA shortly

Mercury is one of those puzzle games that has been around for a few years now, and largely flown under the radar. Designed by Archer Maclean in those early days, it looks like the franchise is soon to hit its ideal state as a downloadable title.

Mercury Hg launches September 27 for the PSN, and September 28 for XBLA, and in anticipation of the day, UTV Ignition has released the first trailer for the game.

As always the goal will to move the Mercury blob through a range of levels that are based on the periodic table of elements.

According to the press release, the ingame features include:

- More than 60 all-new levels, with additional DLC packs to be announced at a later date

- Devious new tile types: conveyors, doors, and moving platforms.

- Level sections offering ultra-slippery or ultra-sticky, spinners and switches, and teleporters and magnets add to the unique arcade puzzle action for which Mercury is famous.

- New level objects, such as Smartfloor, which only forms as you move towards it.

- Three bonus challenges per level that gauge your abilities: The amount of mercury to finish, the time to complete, and the number of bonuses collected all come into play.

- Sixaxis controller support (accelerometer only).

- Animated reactive backgrounds and floors responding to music-perfect for custom soundtracks

New "Re-merge" button help feature reforms the blob with a magnet, but beware: there will be penalties for its use!

-Online leaderboard support. Replay sharing between friends and downloadable replays from the leaderboards, including ghosts of your friend's best times.

It's worth noting the game is going to be very cheap too, just 400 Microsoft points/ $US4.99. With all that in mind, we can't wait.
Trailer: Mercury Hg coming to PSN and XBLA shortly
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