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Thursday, June 30, 2011

[Updated] Limbo is possibly coming to PS3

Update: Sony has confirmed on its Facebook fan page that Limbo is indeed coming to PSN. Further more Playdead's CEO and co-founder Dino Patti has confirmed that Limbo will be available soon on both PSN and Steam. Playdead is working on the ports internally along side a new IP.

I haven't yet played the superb, dark platformer on Limbo on XBLA, but that might soon change if the Korean Game Ratings Board is to believed. Sony Computer Entertainment Korea has filed a listing for Limbo and one can hope that it's actually true. This does not mean that Limbo is definitely coming out on Sony's platform but it's not without precedent that Summer of Arcade games get release on other platforms after a certain time has passed.

Limbo is one of the more highly regarded puzzle/ platformers available for download to Microsoft's console. With a truely stricking visual design, and some hard-as-nails gameplay, it was an instant hit, and giving PlayStation 3 owners the opportunity to play the game can only be a good thing.

Stay tuned as we follow up this potential PS3 mega-release.

[Updated] Limbo is possibly coming to PS3
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