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Friday, April 15, 2011

Lexis Numérique's Red Johnson's Chronicles looks really good

Due for release by the end of April on the PlayStation Network, Red Johnson's Chronicles now has a Website and trailer, and has us excited.

The game is positioning itself as an investigation adventure game, and is set in the city, Metropolis. Here, you'll take control of private detective Red Johnson as he investigates a crime he was witness to.

You'll be required to hunt down clues and sift through evidence to work out what went wrong. It all has a pulp fiction atmosphere to it, not unlike an old Raymond Chandler novel. And if you've ever read one of those (we're partial to The Big Sleep - pure genius), you'll know this means razor-sharp humor, femme fatales and seedy situations.

It's a genre that the French have done well in in cinema over the years, so we have high hopes this French developer will achieve the same.

If you'd like to check the Website out, it's at
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