Thursday, January 20, 2011

Magic: The Gathering Tactics suffering teething problems early in launch

Magic: The Gathering Tactics has now launched on PC (PS3 to come), but you might want to hold off on that download for now.

Looking at the Magic: The Gathering Tactics Facebook page, there are quite a few complaints by users, excited to play the game, suffering crippling problem preventing them from even getting started.

“What’s error 1020 when I’m trying to create an account?” One player asks.

“I launched the installer but it freezes. I don’t see a status bar or anything…” another complained.

The developers acknowledged the problem later via a Facebook update: “We are aware of the technical difficulties that players are reporting, and the team is working very hard to correct them as soon as possible. We'll report any updates as we receive them.”

For those who do manage to sign up before the end of February there’s a bonus spell to add to the spellbook as an early adopter bonus. But you might want to hold off until the last moment to do that. Or just forgo the PC version and wait for the PSN game.

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